DApps Development

We create decentralized applications which fit your business objectives. Our DApps are able to provide you with a high level of security, independence from a centralized server, and safe P2P transactions. We create complex solutions, according to your demands.

Solutions for ICO

Initial coin offering is an integral part of a modern business strategy, that’s why Matoffo offers effective solutions to develop your ICO. We give life to such tools as investor’s cabinet with an option to buy tokens, as well as advanced admin panel with an ability to track transaction and monitor analytics. Also, we can make your referral and bonus programme ideas come true, in order to attract more clients to your product.

Smart Contracts

Our smart contracts are safe and reliable. They provide an ability to compose custom code-based agreements without connection to a single dirigible server. A self-executive code speeds the process of discharging obligations between parties permanently updating the information, decreasing costs, and not engaging mediators.


Tarek Khalil

An adviser recommended me Matoffo team and they met my expectations. The team delivered good quality solution with reasonable cost. I would recommend Matoffo as the reliable technology partner.

Elie Lloyd

Matoffo is a team of efficient and productive professionals. They offer great support, great customer service and fun to work with. Highly recommended.

David Koplovitz

The team at Matoffo rocks, they delivered on time and budget. I found them to be proactive and more of a partner than a vendor. I can highly recommend using these guys!

Sergei Brek

We launched our ICO at the time of significant market updates. We had strict deadlines and necessity to react on changes promptly. Matoffo professionally acted within these constraints and supported our business needs to innovate technology aspects in accordance with market changes.


[DApps] ICO landing page

Landing page retrieves data from blockchain to reflect the actual status of ICO. It calls Smart Contract methods to collect a data. In other words, landing page connects to blockchain via Smart Contract. All data is being actual and transparent for investors as it uses blockchain technologies. The solution also includes regular ICO landing pages components such as a whitepaper, roadmap, bounty programs, etc.

Technologies: React.js, Node.js, Smart Contracts, Blockchain.


Cryptocurrency Wallet

An open source cryptocurrency wallet was customized to a specific cryptocurrency. Besides main features, which allow store, receive and transmit cryptocurrency, it has additional features which make an outstanding user experience. Due to branding question significance, a user interface was updated in accordance with requirements. The solution includes Electrum server which is widely used in such solutions.

Technologies: Android, Electrum server, Blockchain.


[DApps] Cabinet for an ICO investor

The main purpose of the solution is to support comprehensive business processes during initial coin offering. The primary focus was on token sale flow, it supports cryptocurrency transactions as well as fiat currency transactions. The token sale flow takes into account many factors that increase conversion. Apart from that, the solution includes other significant functionality, for instance, which intended to support KYC criteria and requirements, other functionality.


Technologies: React.js, Node.js, Smart Contracts, Blockchain.


[DApps] ICO Management tool

The tool is needed to effectively manage ICO campaign, there 2 crucial groups of functionality: analytics as well as transaction monitoring and management. Independently of transaction source, whether it is cryptocurrency or fiat money transaction, it could be monitored and managed to provide an efficient level of hype protection, account management, and support. Analytical tools allow reviewing sources of conversion and make effective decisions during initial coin offering campaign.


Technologies: React.js, Node.js, Smart Contracts, Blockchain.

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