The client is one of the biggest banks in the Eastern Europe. Utilizes comprehensive solution which includes multi-purpose payment system that combines cashier, accountant, clerk, and administrator workplaces. Additionally the application service is an engine for self-service kiosk machines. The system processes millions of payment transactions per month, aggregates and keeps track of a complete bank day workflow, the number of payment during month significantly vary, in the beginning of a month the load may be 5x-8x larger than daily average.
● 4 large Microsoft Hyper-V application services must be migrated to AWS for automatic scale in/out
● 4-node Microsoft SQL Server DB cluster must stay in the client's datacenter but be replicated to AWS
● 2-node DWH and Reporting Service machine must be migrated to AWS


The goal was to partially migrate on-premise infrastructure. Application services must be hosted in the cloud for cost reduction and scaling. The database cluster must be replicated in the cloud to reduce costs of disaster recovery infrastructure and reduce downtime, but the write nodes should stay in the local data center.
● Diverse infrastructure, complex security rules, thousands clients over LAN
● Legacy Application (Borland C++). Possible instance failures, no automatic disaster recovery.
● Complex database with heavy usage of triggers, transactions and stored procedures.
● Regular spikes in the workload


AWS Migration Service helped to migrate application services. The VM incremental backups allowed prolonged iterative step-by-step migration with an excessive testing phase. The EC2 auto scaling groups enabled cost-effective automated scale in/out approach. CloudEndure Disaster Recovery provided easy way to establish bridge between on-premise SQL Server cluster and backup replicas. VPC subnets, security groups and ACLs allowed quick and secure infrastructure configuration for further operational usage.


AMS, CloudEndure DR, EC2 + Auto Scaling, Cloudformation, VPC, ​Migration Service.


As a result, the solution helped the client to significantly reduce infrastructure costs and strengthen customer satisfaction via improved business continuity approach. Auto scaling, improved backup strategy and disaster recovery were the key differentiators that helped the client with a decision on further cloud migration. As a consequence, though the initial phase was critical for the company's path to digital transformation, but with the help of AWS migration services the client ensured that the cloud migration is right path and trusted Matoffo and AWS with further cloud strategy development.
Migration features like incremental replication allowed to test the new infrastructure and smooth iterative transition before the final cutover, which release the overall migration stress.

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The client experienced the need to migrate as much of on-premises IT infrastructure resources which are being running on an outdated VMware ESXi cluster (dedicated physical boxes) as possible due to shutdown of a classic data center in the current physical location. The environment included a plethora of different services to migrate: AD DS, DFS, DHCP, File Servers, old custom 2-tier applications, BizTalk application cluster, IIS, TFS server, SQL Servers, etc.

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