Comprehensive solution for crowdfunding

The platform is designed for running an effective initial coin offering campaign. During the design and implementation phases, were used best development practices and methods. Besides on comprehensive solution which covers all common token sale cases, we provide personal customization and technical support during the ICO crowdsale.

The main set of functionality is available out of the box, and it is sufficient for conducting a general crowdfunding campaign, but the market isn’t static and it could require some updates even during crowdsale and we proudly assist our clients to overcome such challenges.

In terms of system requirements, special focus is allocated on security properties, as one of the most critical challenges in the industry. There was applied extensive expertise which covers the best practices,  the crypto industry lessons learned and innovative token distribution approach.


Tarek Khalil

An adviser recommended me Matoffo team and they met my expectations. The team delivered good quality solution with reasonable cost. I would recommend Matoffo as the reliable technology partner.

Elie Lloyd

Matoffo is a team of efficient and productive professionals. They offer great support, great customer service and fun to work with. Highly recommended.

David Koplovitz

The team at Matoffo rocks, they delivered on time and budget. I found them to be proactive and more of a partner than a vendor. I can highly recommend using these guys!

Sergei Brek

We launched our product at the time of significant market updates. We had strict deadlines and necessity to react on changes promptly. Matoffo professionally acted within these constraints and supported our business needs to innovate technology aspects in accordance with market changes.

Crowdfunding Dashboard

The main purpose of the solution is to support comprehensive business processes during initial coin offering. The primary focus was on token sale flow, it supports cryptocurrency transactions as well as fiat currency transactions. The token sale flow takes into account many factors that increase conversion. Analytical tools allow reviewing sources of conversion and make effective decisions during initial coin offering campaign. Apart from that, the solution includes other significant functionality, for instance, it supports KYC requirements, flexible crowdsale and token settings, advanced user management, marketing tools and other core features.

Technologies: React.js, Node.js, Smart Contracts, Blockchain.

Core Functionality

Solution Advantages

  • Functionality

    Out of the box, it covers all common ICO cases. The solution was well-tried in real cases and includes everything is needed to conduct successful initial coin offering campaign. One of the main advantage that token sale processes are automated to reduces ICO administration efforts.

  • User experience

    The clear and well-designed user interface that provides a seamless experience for backers and accredited investors. The token sale flow is convenient and excludes any additional steps which could negatively impact on conversion.

  • Customization and support

    The solution could be fully customized in accordance with individual business needs, including a custom user interface and additional features. Technical support is available during an ICO, in a case is needed to update/implement some functionality to effectively react to market changes or other challenges which could appear in the process.