Hyperledger - blockchain for business

Hyperledger is open source blockchain solution for business. It is the Linux Foundation project with many contributors such as IBM, Intel, and many others. Hyperledger includes several frameworks and modules, and the main differentiation of this solution is modularity. Hyperledger blockchain solution could be composed in accordance with business needs, here are names of frameworks: Burrow {permissionable smart contract machine which is running on Ethereum Virtual Machine}, Fabric {modular DLT solution, which could be configured for any industry}, Indy {distributed ledger solution, focused on decentralized identity}, Iroha {solution with primary focus on mobile applications}, Sawtooth {modular DLT solution with supports permissioned and permissionless architecture, as well as it relates to EVM family}; and modules: Caliper {tool that measures blockchain implementation the performance}, Cello {a set of tools for seamless deployment}, Composer {a tool for modeling and building blockchain networks}, Explorer {intended for viewing and exploring blockchain data}, Quilt {provides interoperability between ledger systems}.

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