Hyperledger development

For business is very important to have a possibility of modeling and validating an idea, to make a decision whether to go further or pivot is needed. To support clients’ business needs we have developed the set of tools and offer services which allow to build blockchain applications much faster as it was before. That is a cost-efficient approach with a possibility to receive an early feedback what is crucial for startups and business in whole. It is very important to have a vision for next steps forward to avoid a usage of inappropriate technology which could lead to business issues in the future. To comply with this substantial requirement we are using Hyperledger, it was designed as blockchain solution for business, it is open source project is being run by Linux Foundation and has contributors such as IBM, Intel, and many more. It is another key advantage, as it provides proactive and mature community who supports platform development and support which will significantly reduce maintenance cost in future. By default, the solution could be adopted for any industry, also we have available solutions for some industries, contact us to learn more.


Tarek Khalil

An adviser recommended me Matoffo team and they met my expectations. The team delivered good quality solution with reasonable cost. I would recommend Matoffo as the reliable technology partner.

Elie Lloyd

Matoffo is a team of efficient and productive professionals. They offer great support, great customer service and fun to work with. Highly recommended.

David Koplovitz

The team at Matoffo rocks, they delivered on time and budget. I found them to be proactive and more of a partner than a vendor. I can highly recommend using these guys!

Sergei Brek

We launched our product at the time of significant market updates. We had strict deadlines and necessity to react on changes promptly. Matoffo professionally acted within these constraints and supported our business needs to innovate technology aspects in accordance with market changes.

Blockchain & IoT solution for supply chain

Blockchain solution for goods shipping which are sensitive to temperature, humidity, vibration, position and other parameters during transportation. The main goal of the solution to make transparent transportation conditions for participants and ensure that data is immutable. How it works, producer packages goods in IoT enabled boxes, and these boxes transmit transportation conditions to decentralized logistics application during all shipment stages. The application runs on top of Blockchain which is intended to provide transparency for all parties and provides data storing immutability which comes from IoT enabled boxes. The system supports smart contracts, it initiates process start when all participants sign this digital agreement, it specifies shipping parameters constraints.

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Hyperledger benefits

  • Performance and scalability

    Hyperledger Fabric the one of the most fastest blockchains, supports more than 3500 transactions per second as well as flexible scalability.

  • Sensitive data protection

    Protects digital keys and sensitive data, Hyperledger Fabric supports tools that deal efficiently with identity management.

  • Modular architecture

    Designed to support modularity, consensus algorithm or custom encryption or any other component could be easily plugged in architecture.

  • Rich queries

    Hyperledger Fabric created to support rich queries over an immutable distributed ledger that is significant advantage for business applications.

  • Data partitioning

    To compliance with business needs, protection laws, and regulation on confidentiality of personal data, Hyperledger Fabric introduced channels for data partitioning on the blockchain.

  • Permissioned membership

    That is a framework which is intended to build permissioned networks, where all network participants have known identities and being transparent for each other, but data is not available for those who outside of the network.