Solutions Development

For the solutions development type of service the client’s input is to communicate a business goal and requirements, the rest will be covered by us. We starts from comprehensive discovery phase, all delivery responsibilities including solution development, team management and processes setup are governed by our experts, from clients are needed high-level priorities and feedback regarding deliverables on iterative basis.

Team on Demand

Team on demand that is part time experts which joins in short period of time to assist with achieving a goal. That is great choice to go when project needs to be launched quickly to meet some milestone meanwhile full time experts are being hired or urgent demand to extend the current team capacity or when budget is limited and is need to have several experts with different skillset to deliver solution.

Dedicated Team

The straightforward way to scale your in-house development capabilities, grow the new tech expertise or accelerate the speed of your product development is to obtain dedicated team services. The team of dedicated experts who are aligned with your company mission and values along with required infrastructure and administrative services. By choosing the dedicated team model our clients participate in team selection, managing team on daily basis as well as achieving business goals jointly with the team.

SERHII YELCHENKO Delivery Director

We are cloud native company who visions cloud computing as the home for tech products. Our team of top-notch engineers specialize in Cloud solutions, we develop scalable cloud native applications, provide DevOps services which facilitate innovations and allow release products faster, build reliable and secure cloud infrastructure for our clients from the US and Europe.

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