Dedicated Team

The straightforward way to scale your in-house development capabilities, grow the new tech expertise or accelerate the speed of your product development is to obtain dedicated team services. The team of dedicated experts who are aligned with your company mission and values along with required infrastructure and administrative services. By choosing the dedicated team model our clients participate in team selection, managing team on daily basis as well as achieving business goals jointly with the team.

Cloud Consulting

Providing professional services that accelerate clients’ journey to the cloud, help with design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on cloud. Deep technical expertise and services help unlock business value from the cloud across a range of solutions—including infrastructure, application modernization, data management and analytics, machine learning, security, and more.

Solutions Development

For this model the client’s input is product vision the rest will be covered by us. It starts from comprehensive discovery phase, all delivery responsibilities including software development, team management and processes setup are governed by our experts, from clients are needed high-level priorities and feedback regarding deliverables on iterative basis.


  • Dedicated Team

    A client selects and manages a team on daily basis; A team follows your processes and policies; A client needs to be experienced with managing remote team; Comparing with in-house team cost saving is significant; A client creates roadmap and sets development processes; An organic way to scale development capabilities.

  • Cloud Consulting

    Client describes pain points or other details that carries significant a business impact. We do assessment of existing cloud infrastructure or cloud migration readiness, etc; Basing on assessment we provide custom solution that fits into client's business needs; Our cloud experts per request would assist with achieving client's critical milestones.

  • Solutions Development

    A client communicates a vision and we build a product for him; We select and manages team on daily basis; Roadmap would be created collaboratively in accordance with client's vision, priorities and our delivery expertise; Client don't need to invest resources on managing a team and setting delivery processes, it would covered by us; We use agile approach which ships deliverables to a client on iterative basis.

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