Azure Pipelines Tuning for Development Flow Optimization

Executive Summary

We worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and developed a customized solution that met their specific needs. Through careful planning and execution, we were able to successfully migrate their pipelines to Azure Pipelines, improve performance of their build pipelines, and create an autodestroy pipeline that effectively managed unused resources, while maintaining the stability and reliability of the client’s product.

About the Client

Mapme offers a comprehensive platform for building and sharing interactive maps. Their solution enables users to create customized maps with a range of features, including location markers, images, videos, and more. With an easy-to-use interface and powerful tools, Mapme empowers their customers to create engaging and informative maps for various purposes.

Customer Challenge

Our client approached us with a set of challenges related to their build pipelines, which required the expertise of our cloud and DevOps engineers. The client needed us to migrate their current pipelines to Azure Pipelines, ensuring that the migration process was seamless and did not disrupt ongoing operations. Additionally, the client asked us to optimize the performance of their existing build pipelines. We also needed to create an autodestroy pipeline to delete unused resources. This required developing a system that could identify and remove unused resources automatically, without compromising the stability and reliability of the entire pipeline system.

Why Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is a great choice for our clients due to its comprehensive suite of tools for DevOps, integration with other Azure services, and scalability. Azure DevOps enables agile project management, continuous integration and delivery, and monitoring and reporting. These tools are highly customizable, which allows our team to develop solutions that fit the specific needs of our client. With Azure’s seamless integration, our team can create and deploy applications on a highly available and scalable infrastructure. Also, this service is suitable for small and large-scale projects.

Why Matoffo

The Matoffo team is the ideal choice for those who require a reliable and experienced cloud solutions provider due to our expertise in cloud infrastructure, our commitment to quality service, and our ability to provide customized solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. Our expert knowledge is a sure way to highly efficient, scalable, and cost-effective cloud solutions.

Our team ensures constant support throughout the whole project lifecycle, with regular communication to address any issues. We understand that every project is unique, so we work closely with our clients to develop solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

Matoffo Solution

Our team started with migrating the client’s old pipelines from CircleCI, which included build and deployment jobs. Through careful planning and execution, we were able to migrate all functionality to Azure Pipelines seamlessly, making sure that ongoing operations were not disrupted.

During the second phase, our engineers focused on performance improvements. We implemented caching tools, including the Node-cache module, for all build pipelines. These optimizations significantly reduced build time, which had a direct impact on the client’s productivity and efficiency. In addition, we switched from private build agents to Microsoft-based ones, which resulted in cost savings for the client.

Finally, we created an autodestroy pipeline to remove unused resources, which was achieved through a cron-based job running a Bash script. This feature was designed to save costs by automatically checking and removing unused test environments, while also allowing developers to run temporary environments as needed.

Business Value

Our developers not only addressed the client’s needs but also provided a long-term solution that was cost-effective, efficient, and optimized for performance. Here are the business values we delivered to our client:

• Improved productivity
The implementation of caching tools and the use of Microsoft-based build agents resulted in a significant reduction in build time, improving productivity and efficiency of the client’s development team.

• Cost savings
The autodestroy pipeline helped the client save costs on unnecessary resources.

• Enhanced flexibility and scalability
Our solution allowed the client to be more flexible in their approach, enabling them to test new features and ideas without the need for permanent resources.

• Improved quality
The use of Azure Pipelines and the integration with other Azure services helped to improve the overall quality of the client’s services, ensuring a better user experience for their customers.


Our primary goal is to deliver value to our clients by resolving technical challenges and helping them achieve their objectives. We utilize cloud solutions as a powerful toolset to make this happen. With Matoffo expertise, companies can significantly reduce the time from idea to market and rapidly scale their digital business. Additionally, Matoffo enables seamless adoption of rapidly growing tech capabilities, transforming businesses to stay competitive in the market.

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