• Amazon RDS

    Streamline your database operations with Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service). Our service delivery ensures seamless integration, providing you with a robust and scalable database solution that empowers your applications. Experience the power of Amazon RDS Service Delivery and revolutionize your database management. Enjoy seamless integration, robust features, and unparalleled scalability for your applications. Connect with our experts today to unlock the full potential of Amazon RDS.

Amazon RDS Key Capabilities

  • Performance

    Amazon RDS is designed to deliver fast, predictable, and consistent I/O performance. It allows to configure an IOPS rate when creating a database instance, and Amazon RDS provisions that IOPS rate for the lifetime of the database instance. Storage type is optimised for I/O-intensive transactional (OLTP) database workloads

  • Scalability

    Support scaling the compute and memory resources powering your deployment up or down. Compute memory resources scaling are prompt and flexible, typically complete in a few minutes. As storage requirements grow, could be also provision additional storage. Storage scaling is on-the-fly with zero downtime.

  • Manageability

    Amazon RDS provides Amazon CloudWatch metrics for your database instances at no additional charge. Amazon RDS can notify you via email or SMS text message of database events through Amazon SNS. Amazon RDS integrates with AWS Config to support compliance and enhance security by recording and auditing changes to the configuration of your DB instance.

  • Security

    Amazon RDS allows to encrypt databases using keys which are managed through AWS Key Management Service (KMS). Amazon RDS supports the use of SSL to secure data in transit. AWS recommends to run database instances in Amazon VPC, which allows you isolate database. Amazon RDS is integrated with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).

  • Lower administrative efforts

    Amazon RDS database instances are pre-configured with parameters and settings appropriate for the engine and class you have selected. You can launch a database instance and connect your application within minutes. Amazon RDS will make sure that the relational database software powering your deployment stays up-to-date with the latest patches.

  • Availability and durability

    The automated backup feature of Amazon RDS enables point-in-time recovery for your database instance. Amazon RDS will backup your database and transaction logs and store both for a user-specified retention period. This allows you to restore your database instance to any second during your retention period, up to the last five minutes.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    There is no up-front commitment with Amazon RDS, simply pay a monthly charge for each database instance that you launch. Amazon RDS Reserved Instances give you the option to reserve a DB instance for a one or three year term and in turn receive a significant discount. Amazon RDS allows you to easily stop and start your database instances for up to 7 days at a time.


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