Migration to MongoDB Atlas Platform to Meet Performance Target

Executive Summary

The Matoffo team decided to use MongoDB Atlas as a hosting platform for MongoDB. This service provides better performance, scalability, and availability. We created a multi-region cluster with proper cluster size and backup policy. Then, we configured a private network via VPC peering to ensure a secure connection between applications and the database. Finally, the Matoffo team successfully migrated the data to a new cluster.

About the Customer

Our client is a tech vendor providing software outsourcing services and undertaking their clients’ projects to ensure smooth product development and launch. They select engineers with specific expertise to form a team that will fit the client’s requirements the best.

Customer Challenge

Being our returning customer, the company entrusted us with the database migration. They needed a hosting platform with better performance, scalability, and availability. The client asked us to choose the best solution for MongoDB hosting, set up a database, and migrate the data.

Why MongoDB Atlas

Our client is a growing business that requires a suitable database solution to make sure their scaling will unfold without any hidden pitfalls. The Matoffo team chose MongoDB Atlas because it ensures the automatization of scaling and data backup processes. This data platform also adds flexibility to data structuring, making it possible to apply MongoDB Atlas for different use cases.

Why Matoffo

As a certified and reliable cloud development provider, Matoffo’s experts have broad experience in developing cloud solutions that meet our clients’ requirements. We support our clients’ goals to scale their businesses. That’s why our engineers know what tools to use to make your product a success.

Matoffo Solution

With an already working MongoDB instance, the client required a production base migration. Considering that our client wanted to grow the business, they needed a more flexible and powerful solution than an instance. To cover their needs, we offered to deploy their product in MongoDB Atlas, a cloud database provider that covered all of the client’s requirements. On our part, we needed to ensure database deployment while eliminating instance management from the client’s side. To alleviate the client’s load connected to instance control, we needed to configure automatization processes on the MongoDB Atlas platform.

Given that our cloud engineers have hands-on experience with MongoDB Atlas, the client asked us to set up a database environment where they could securely and rapidly develop their production base without the need to manage the instances. Leveraging MongoDB Atlas, we configured the backup policy and the database size. The Matoffo team developed a private network within the MongoDB platform to ensure maximum security. To create a private network, our engineers configured VPC peering to deploy the database in the AWS cloud. We connected our network with the MongoDB Atlas network in AWS.

After all the configurations were made, the Matoffo team was able to migrate the client’s existing database to AWS via the MongoDB Atlas platform.

Business Value

The main goal of this project was to set up a reliable and scalable database solution which allows a customer to cover all their needs:

• Automated Scaling
MongoDB Atlas manages all the resources on the backend and scales a client’s business at the fastest pace possible. We configured a solution so that our client doesn’t need to be involved in the scaling process.

• Automated Data Backup
Our team configured MongoDB Atlas to backup the data automatically. Now, our client has a secure solution that ensures their data remains intact in case of emergency.

• Cost- and Time-Efficiency
The solution developed by the Matoffo team allows the client to prevent time and budget losses. The client doesn’t need to ask for help at each step of their business scale.


Our primary goal is to deliver value to our clients by resolving technical challenges and helping them achieve their objectives. We utilize cloud solutions as a powerful toolset to make this happen. With Matoffo expertise, companies can significantly reduce the time from idea to market and rapidly scale their digital business. Additionally, Matoffo enables seamless adoption of rapidly growing tech capabilities, transforming businesses to stay competitive in the market.

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