Streamlining Real Estate Transactions with DynamoDB

Executive Summary

Our client is a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes the real estate transaction process by bringing together all transaction parties, enabling efficient access to transaction details, and facilitating document sharing and e-signing. Integrated with DocuSign for secure electronic signatures, the platform provides proactive notifications tailored to users’ communication preferences. This case study focuses on how Amazon DynamoDB plays a crucial role in ensuring the scalability, performance, and reliability of client’s data storage and management.

About the Customer

Bringing all transaction participants together in a single platform designed for next-gen accountability, our client provides a unique security-focused, neutral real estate collaboration solution that eliminates wire fraud and identity theft possibilities for every transaction. The company’s primary mission lies in building a secure path forward for the real estate industry through disruptive technology that addresses emerging customers’ needs for enhanced communication and accountability. The platform provides its users with the ability to open and close real estate transactions in a user-friendly, cloud-based environment that minimizes the clutter, risk, and confusion associated with messy email inboxes.

Customer Challenge

Our client faced several challenges in terms of scalability, data durability, and real-time collaboration. Let us take a closer look at each of them.

First and foremost, the company experienced an urgent need to handle a rapidly growing user base and increasing transaction volumes without compromising performance. Since real estate transactions involve sensitive and critical data, the platform required a secure and durable data storage solution.

Last but not least, enabling real-time collaboration among multiple transaction participants required a highly responsive data storage solution.

Why Matoffo

Since our client faced multiple challenges related to streamlining real estate transactions, they required a trustworthy and reliable partner to assist their team on the way to success. Luckily, Matoffo, your trusted cloud development partner, possesses the needed skills hardened by years of hands-on experience in the domain.
Thus, our expert team dived deeply into the client’s core pain points and challenges to come up with a functional Amazon DynamoDB solution that lives up to the client’s expectations in terms of price, features, and timeframes.


The client chose Amazon DynamoDB as the core database solution for their platform due to its scalability, low-latency access, and built-in redundancy. DynamoDB’s ability to scale horizontally and automatically manage resources can accommodate a growing user base and transaction volume seamlessly. As transaction participants increase, DynamoDB adjusts to meet the demand without manual intervention.

Moreover, DynamoDB provides multiple levels of data durability, ensuring that sensitive transaction data is protected against data loss. Data is automatically replicated across multiple Availability Zones, providing a robust data protection mechanism. DynamoDB’s low-latency access and support for high-throughput operations are essential for real-time participant collaboration. Whether updating transaction status, sharing documents or notifying users of updates, DynamoDB ensures rapid data retrieval and updates.

Matoffo Solution

Our skilled engineers implemented DynamoDB to store various types of data critical to the real estate transaction process:

• User Profiles
DynamoDB stores user profiles and communication preferences, ensuring that notifications are sent according to individual preferences.

• Transaction Data
Transaction details, including status, documents, and participant information, are stored in DynamoDB, enabling quick access for all participants.

• Document Management
DynamoDB efficiently manages document metadata, making it easy for users to access and e-sign documents using the integrated DocuSign functionality.

• Notifications
Proactive notifications are managed in DynamoDB, allowing for efficient delivery of updates to transaction participants based on their preferences.

Business Value

By integrating Amazon DynamoDB into the client’s platform, the Matoffo team brought value in the following aspects:

• Scalability
The client seamlessly accommodated a growing user base and transaction volume, ensuring excellent user experiences even during peak periods.

• Data Durability
The platform provides a high level of data security and durability, which is crucial for handling sensitive real estate transaction data.

• Real-Time Collaboration
DynamoDB’s low-latency access and high-throughput capabilities ensured all participants could access and update transaction details in real time.

• Cost-Efficiency
DynamoDB’s serverless architecture reduced infrastructure management overhead, allowing the client to focus on building and improving its core platform.

Customer's Feedback

Integrating Amazon DynamoDB as the client’s core database solution has played a pivotal role in creating a platform that streamlines real estate transactions. Thanks to DynamoDB’s scalability, data durability, and real-time capabilities, the company gained an opportunity to provide its users with a secure, efficient, and responsive transaction management experience. Since the platform’s success underscores the importance of selecting the right database technology to support innovative solutions in the real estate industry, our collaboration with the client resulted in a functional and high-performing solution that brings value in the long run.


Our primary goal is value delivery for the client by resolving technical challenges and assisting them to achieve their objectives. AWS cloud solutions are great toolset which we use to make it happens, primary by outstanding agility, where companies could scale up cloud resources as needed and significantly decrease time from idea to market as well as seamless adopt rapidly growing tech capabilities to transform their businesses to be competitive in the market.

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