Frontend Developer

We are in search of a Frontend Developer who is highly self-sufficient and has a robust skill set in JavaScript, TypeScript, and Vue.js. The selected candidate will take the lead in crafting and implementing features and applications that directly impact users within our expansive global humanitarian network.

Key Responsibilities

• Develop and maintain frontend applications built with VueJs and Nuxt Framework;
• Write clean, maintainable code adhering to best practices;
• Collaborate with backend teams for API integration;
• Implement UI/UX designs with high-quality code;
• Debug and optimize both new and existing code.

Required Skills

• Strong proficiency in JavaScript and TypeScript;
• Hands-on experience with Vue (Vue 2 and Vue 3) and Nuxt Framework;
• Knowledge of HTML/CSS;
• Able to manage branching, merging and pull requests using GIT;
• Proficiency in conducting unit and end-to-end testing using Cypress;
• Docker proficiency.


• Experience with OpenAPI specification;
• Experience with Vuetify library;
• Knowledge of Keycloak for identity and access management;
• Familiarity with Figma;
• Experience with JIRA.

Personal Qualities and Soft Skills

• Highly autonomous;
• Excellent problem-solving capabilities;
• Strong communication skills.

Tech Stack We Use

• Frontend: JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue.js, Vuetify;
• Backend: Laravel Framework, Serverless Lambda using TypeScript;
• Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL;
• DevOps: Docker, Terraform;
• Design: Figma;
• Testing: Cypress;
• Authorization: Open Policy Agent.

What you get

• Flexible working hours;
• Competitive compensation commensurate with your experience and skills;
• Modern technologies, popular on the market;
• Not boring English classes;
• Interesting customers and projects;
• Learning and development opportunities along with AWS certification program;
• An excellent team with a friendly atmosphere.

About Matoffo

Matoffo is a cloud native company who visions cloud computing as the home for tech products. Our primary focus is AWS cloud solutions, we are an official AWS Select Tier Services Partner, that demonstrates we have trained and certified teammates, as well as great customer experience. Our team of top-notch engineers specialize in Cloud solutions, we develop scalable cloud native applications, provide DevOps services which facilitate innovations and allow release products faster, build reliable and secure cloud infrastructure for our clients from the US and Europe.

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