The client is the one of leaders in telecommunication services domain by delivering the unique value proposition in targeted business niche. To deliver the services utilizes data center infrastructure with comprehensive hardware and software solutions.


The client experienced the need to migrate as much of on-premises IT infrastructure resources which are being running on an outdated VMware ESXi cluster (dedicated physical boxes) as possible due to shutdown of a classic data center in the current physical location. The environment included a plethora of different services to migrate: AD DS, DFS, DHCP, File Servers, old custom 2-tier applications, BizTalk application cluster, IIS, TFS server, SQL Servers, etc.


Has been proposed to use the built-in AWS capabilities and tools. Hence, the choice was made in favour of AWS server migration service. Primarily, most of the services were migrated using lift and shift strategy. Once the VM images were uploaded to the cloud, Terraform was used to create the needed resources and perform initial configuration. Minor architectural changes were made to DFS and DHCP. SQL Servers were migrated to AWS RDS PaaS offering.


HashiCorp Terraform, AWS RDS, AWS EC2, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Migration Service, AWS Database Migration Service.


All services are smoothly running in the cloud and as a result the client got a better performance with even lower specs due to smaller network latency and better rightsizing. Switching to RDS allowed to release the burden of OPS tasks. From security perspective all migrated services are aligned with cloud environment, leveraging storage encryption, improved network security. Additionally, highlighting that improved downtime KPI, business agility and significantly decreased capital expenditure.

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The goal was to partially migrate on-premise infrastructure. Application services must be hosted in the cloud for cost reduction and scaling. The database cluster must be replicated in the cloud to reduce costs of disaster recovery infrastructure and reduce downtime, but the write nodes should stay in the local data center.

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