Our client from the North America region is undertaking a deep research of what we eat to revolutionize the way we think about food and health. To make it happen is being applied cutting edge data science & machine learning techniques powered by the best tools and cloud native services to analyze the millions of molecules that exist across human food ration.


The client experienced the need to scale the research collaboration within the data scientists team by moving research capabilities into cloud workloads as well as automate and unify the deployment process of AWS resources to decrease time and efforts which are needed for a team of data scientists to build and test models.


To deliver the solution Terraform framework was used for infrastructure as a code implementation, Terraform code itself is being stored in the GitLab repository and Terraform state in S3 bucket of specific environment. To deploy AWS resources on different environments were implemented GitLab CI automation pipeline as the result is being performed one click deployment AWS infrastructure to a development or a production environment. All secrets are encrypted and securely stored in Gitlab, GitLab CI allows customers to have one point of control for a deployment process, for example review terraform code and deploy it after merge request approval. It also allows control access in the AWS environment and restricts it for regular users, so all infrastructure changes will be deployed only with pipelines.





As a result, the solution helped the client to use Terraform code and GitLab pipelines instead of manual AWS infrastructure and lambdas deployment. That significantly decreased time and efforts for the data science team to deploy AWS resources and test their models in cloud workloads as well as assisted to keep focus on science objectives rather than cloud engineering.

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The client experienced high cost for development, deployment and, most importantly, operation of the data platform including Data Lake, Ingestion and ML Pipelines. The pipelines were mostly running in EC2 instances, which led to the increased cost of operations and required a significant amount of time to deploy and test pipelines in lower environments.

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The client experienced the need to automate and unify the deployment process of serverless applications on AWS Lambda. The customer faced a few inconveniences during manual deployment such as different environment setup during deployment process (versions of Serverless, Python, Node, etc. are inconsistent) and no way to control environment changes in one place.

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Low/No-Code platform that allows small and medium businesses to utilize white-label mobile application solutions for business purposes. To satisfy functionality demands are highly important for the client to have frequent releases.

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