Scale machine learning models

Quickly scale machine learning (ML) models for training and inference and run them close to your data sources on any platform with containers.

Leverage batch processing

Package batch processing and extract, transform, and load (ETL) jobs into containers to start jobs quickly and scale them dynamically in response to demand.

Build microservices

Break apart application and run them as independent components, called microservices, using containers to isolate processes.

AWS Containers services

Our containers toolset


Use case

AWS service

Container orchestration

Run containerized applications or build microservices

Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)

Manage containers with Kubernetes

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Compute options

Run containers without managing servers

AWS Fargate

Run fault-tolerant workloads for up to 90 percent off

Amazon EC2 Spot Instances

Run containers with server-level control

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Tools & services with containers support

Quickly launch and manage containerized applications

AWS Copilot

Share and deploy container software, publicly or privately

Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)

Matoffo Containers Services

Choose our containers services on AWS and gain the ability to focus on building your incredible application instead of worrying about infrastructure.

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Common solutions

Use Amazon ECS to implement microservices with native, managed AWS integrations

Amazon ECS lets you run batch workloads with managed or customer schedulers on Amazon EC2 On-demant, reserved, or spot instances.

clients’ Success stories

Disaster Recovery Environment Setup from Scratch

There is no doubt that setting up a Disaster Recovery (DR) environment from scratch is essential for multiple reasons. Aimed at ensuring business continuity and minimizing the impact of unforeseen events… 

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Streamlining Real Estate Transactions with DynamoDB

Our client is a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes the real estate transaction process by bringing together all transaction parties, enabling efficient access to transaction details…

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Trunk-Based Branching Strategy & CI/CD Improvements

Fulfilling multiple socially-oriented missions, our client is a powerful player in the African market. The organization provides various companies, ranging from startups to small businesses, with mentorship…

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AWS Dynamodb Solution for Managing Terraform State Files

Collaborating with our client, we deeply explored their key pain points and intricacies. To gain a thorough understanding of their pivotal business objectives, we held a series of intensive workshops…

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Terraform Pull Request Automation for an Online Marketplace

Our client needed a solution for their cloud infrastructure change implementation via Terraform. We chose Atlantis to automate pull requests for Terraform configuration. 

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API Gateway Implementation for Ecommerce Applications

By leveraging AWS API Gateway and our expertise in cloud architecture, we implemented a cost-effective and efficient solution for our customer’s microservice architecture app. We eliminated the need for…

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Automation of MongoDB Atlas Resources

As a one-of-a-kind platform utilized to create custom interactive maps across different business domains, ranging from real estate to the construction industry, our client offers a unique platform for building maps…

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Terragrunt Implementation for ADRA

Terragrunt offers benefits such as code reusability, environment isolation, automatic dependency management, and simplified management of complex infrastructures. 

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Cloud-based Monitoring Solutions for Social Startup

As a powerful player in the African market, our client handles multiple socially-oriented missions under one roof. The company is committed to promoting digital innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa.

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Azure Pipelines Tuning for Development Flow Optimization

We worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and developed a customized solution that met their specific needs. Through careful planning and execution, we were able to successfully migrate their pipelines to Azure Pipelines. 

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Our primary goal is to deliver value to our clients by resolving technical challenges and helping them achieve their objectives. We utilize cloud solutions as a powerful toolset to make this happen. With Matoffo expertise, companies can significantly reduce the time from idea to market and rapidly scale their digital business. Additionally, Matoffo enables seamless adoption of rapidly growing tech capabilities, transforming businesses to stay competitive in the market.

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