KubeNT repackaged service set up by Matoffo

KubeNT repackaged service set up by Matoffo

As Kubernetes evolves, certain API versions become deprecated and are eventually removed, which can cause disruptions if not addressed. KubeNT simplifies the process of detecting these deprecated APIs to ensure smooth upgrades and operations.
KubeNT scans your Kubernetes clusters for any resources using deprecated APIs, allowing you to update them before upgrading your Kubernetes version. It seamlessly integrates with kubectl and other Kubernetes management tools, providing detailed reports on deprecated API usage. KubeNT can output results in JSON format, making it easy to integrate into CI/CD pipelines for continuous monitoring​ (CNCF)​​ (codewizardly.com | DevOps.)​.

As Kubernetes feature set evolves, APIs have to evolve too in order to support this change. There are rules in place that aim to guarantee compatibility and stability, and also it does not happen with every release, but eventually, User will have to use the new API version and format as the old one will not be supported anymore. User can manually go through all your manifests, but that can be fairly time-consuming, it is easy to miss some and might be highly unpractical if User has multiple teams deploying to the cluster, or simply do not have all the current manifest at one place. And this is where Kube No Trouble aka kubent comes to help. User can easily configure this tool from AWS.

Together with Matoffo we guarantee easy configuration and usage. All required information can be found in AWS Marketplace. 


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