AWS Dynamodb Solution for Managing Terraform State Files

Executive Summary

Collaborating with our client, we deeply explored their key pain points and intricacies. To gain a thorough understanding of their pivotal business objectives, we held a series of intensive workshops and brainstorming sessions with their core teams. Thanks to meticulous strategizing and flawless implementation, we created a tailor-made solution that perfectly aligned with the client’s requirements. Our team introduced a robust locking mechanism that prevents conflicts and data corruption and maintains the integrity of the client’s infrastructure, ensuring only one user or pipeline can modify the state at a time.

About the Customer

Our client offers a digital platform tailored to the unique needs of educational institutions, teachers, and stakeholders. Recognizing the difficulties involved in school funding, reimbursements, and expenditures, the platform stands out by providing a seamless and easy-to-use solution for managing these transactions and more. While traditional funding solutions are typically associated with paperwork, delays, and administrative bottlenecks, the company streamlines payment procedures, integrating everything from tracking classroom expenses to handling reimbursements and purchase orders.

Customer Challenge

In a nutshell, the client faced a challenge in managing their Terraform state files effectively. They had multiple teams working on different projects together. With this in mind, ensuring that only one user or pipeline could modify the state at any given time was of paramount importance. At the same time, the company needed a robust locking mechanism to prevent conflicts and data corruption while maintaining the integrity of their infrastructure.


When it comes to the complexity of managing Terraform state files across various teams and projects, there is no better option than AWS DynamoDB. Integrated with Terraform, this technology ensures that only a single user or process can modify the Terraform state at one’s convenience, minimizing the risk of conflicts and, therefore, addressing our client’s primary concern.

Over and above that, DynamoDB is a highly scalable and available NoSQL database service that can handle large amounts of data and traffic, making it a perfect choice for locking and coordination tasks. Thanks to its robust performance metrics, AWS DynamoDB ensures that operations are consistent and swift, resulting in faster development cycles.

Why Matoffo

In the modern business ecosystem, thousands of cloud development vendors offer AWS development services. Yet, only a few of them deliver high-quality solutions that lead companies to success. Standing at the forefront of business competition, our Matoffo team not only provides meaningful solutions that change the world but also brings innovation to every facet of the organization we partner with. Thus, such unique expertise, combined with the exceptional client-centric approach, enables us to find state-of-the-art solutions to complex tasks while addressing the client’s objectives in the best way possible.

Matoffo Solution

As we have already sorted out, the Matoffo team decided to implement a Terraform state-locking mechanism using AWS DynamoDB to address the client’s challenge. First and foremost, we set up the DynamoDB Table. Next, we proceeded to configure the Terraform backend and initialize & apply Terraform to ensure Terraform automatically uses DynamoDB to lock the state, guaranteeing no other operations happen concurrently.

By leveraging AWS DynamoDB, our skilled team ensured the Terraform state-locking process was seamless while IaC operations remained conflict-free and the integrity of the client’s infrastructure was always preserved.

Business Value

• Concurrency Control
The DynamoDB-based locking mechanism ensures that only one entity can modify the Terraform state simultaneously, preventing conflicts and data corruption.
• Next-Gen Scalability
DynamoDB scales automatically to handle increased lock requests as the client’s infrastructure and teams grow.
• High Availability
DynamoDB’s global distribution and high availability guarantee that the locking mechanism is always available.
• Audit Trail
The DynamoDB table logs all lock requests and releases, providing the client with an audit trail for state modifications.

Customer's Feedback

Since the Matoffo team completed and exceeded all customer expectations in terms of price, functionality, and deadline, our client was 100% satisfied with the result. Our team not only managed to bring the company’s efficiency to an entirely new level but also came up with a robust technology foundation that guarantees seamless performance of the client’s infrastructure. Ultimately, both parties to the contract are satisfied with the cooperation, so we would be delighted to continue our fruitful partnership in the future.


Our primary goal is value delivery for the client by resolving technical challenges and assisting them to achieve their objectives. AWS cloud solutions are great toolset which we use to make it happens, primary by outstanding agility, where companies could scale up cloud resources as needed and significantly decrease time from idea to market as well as seamless adopt rapidly growing tech capabilities to transform their businesses to be competitive in the market.

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