CI/CD for Cross Platform Mobile Application

About Our Client

Our client is a leader in the low/no-code platform space, providing small and medium businesses with robust mobile application solutions but lacking effective CI/CD processes.

Despite their innovative approach, they encountered significant challenges in adapting to the dynamic demands of mobile app users.

Their existing CI/CD processes, largely manual and dependent on outdated tools, needed to keep pace with the industry’s rapid evolution.

The Client's Challenge

The main hurdle was the time-consuming and labor-intensive process of manually integrating and deploying cross-platform mobile applications.

This not only slowed down the release cycle but also hindered the ability to quickly adapt to changing market needs.

The use of a legacy tools stack, which lacked mobile-specific CI/CD capabilities, compounded these challenges, affecting both productivity and product quality.

Our Tailored Solution

To address these challenges, we implemented an innovative solution involving the integration of Atlassian Bitbucket with CircleCI, leveraging Fastlane’s capabilities.

This approach automated the entire CI/CD process, from code commits to deploying apps on AppStore and Google Play.

The new workflow was designed to be efficient, reducing manual effort, and ensuring faster and more reliable build and release cycles.

Solution high-level diagram


Transformative Results

The introduction of this automated CI/CD process led to remarkable improvements.

The client experienced a significant reduction in the time-to-market for their applications, which in turn improved their competitive edge in the market.

Additionally, the automation enhanced the overall quality of the mobile applications, leading to better user experiences and increased customer satisfaction.

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