Backend Developer

We are looking for a skilled Backend Software Engineer with a focus on PHP and Laravel framework. The ideal candidate will also have a strong commitment to writing well-documented code and tests. You will work on building and maintaining backend services for our global humanitarian network.

Key Responsibilities

• Develop, maintain, and optimize RESTful APIs and microservices using PHP and Laravel framework;
• Write and maintain code according to industry best practices such as SOLID principles, Clean Code, and Test-Driven Development;
• Work closely with frontend and DevOps teams to integrate solutions;
• Write thorough documentation for developed features and APIs;
• Develop unit tests and integration tests to ensure code quality.

Required Skills

• Strong proficiency in PHP;
• Extensive experience with the Laravel framework;
• Understanding of MySQL and PostgreSQL databases;
• Able to manage branching, merging and pull requests in GIT;
• Ability to write high-quality documentation;
• Experience in writing unit and integration tests. (PHPUnit/Pest);
• Docker proficiency.


• Experience with Serverless architectures, specifically AWS Lambda using TypeScript;
• Knowledge of Open Policy Agent (OPA) for authorization;
• Experience working in a Scrum/Sprint development environment;
• Experience with JIRA.

Personal Qualities and Soft Skills

• Highly autonomous;
• Excellent problem-solving capabilities;
• Strong communication skills.

Tech Stack We Use

• Frontend: JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue.js, Vuetify;
• Backend: Laravel Framework, Serverless Lambda using TypeScript;
• Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL;
• DevOps: Docker, Terraform;
• Design: Figma;
• Testing: Cypress;
• Authorization: Open Policy Agent.

Day-to-Day Activities

In our Agile environment, using the Scrum framework, your typical workday will consist of:
• Participating in automated daily stand-up meetings via Slack to discuss tasks and blockers;
• Tackling well-defined tasks that have been previously discussed and detailed during sprint planning;
• Collaborating with team members for code reviews and seamless integration;
• Updating your task progress in our project management tools. (JIRA).

What you get

• Flexible working hours;
• Competitive compensation commensurate with your experience and skills;
• Modern technologies, popular on the market;
• Not boring English classes;
• Interesting customers and projects;
• Learning and development opportunities along with AWS certification program;
• An excellent team with a friendly atmosphere.

About Matoffo

Matoffo is a cloud native company who visions cloud computing as the home for tech products. Our primary focus is AWS cloud solutions, we are an official AWS Select Tier Services Partner, that demonstrates we have trained and certified teammates, as well as great customer experience. Our team of top-notch engineers specialize in Cloud solutions, we develop scalable cloud native applications, provide DevOps services which facilitate innovations and allow release products faster, build reliable and secure cloud infrastructure for our clients from the US and Europe.

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