Gatling tool for marketplace set up by Matoffo

Gatling is a load test tool. It officially supports HTTP, WebSocket, Server-Sent-Events and JMS. Can be easily used across AWS platform. Gatling is an open-source load testing tool primarily used for testing the performance of web applications. It is designed to simulate thousands of users interacting with your application simultaneously, allowing you to measure how your system handles the load. Gatling can generate realistic user scenarios, simulate HTTP requests, and analyze the performance metrics of your application under different load conditions.

Gatling is an open-source load testing framework that is used for performance testing and benchmarking of web applications. It is designed to simulate a large number of users interacting with your application to assess its performance under various conditions. The primary focus of Gatling is on performance, scalability, and ease of use. Gatling is widely used in the software development and testing community to identify performance bottlenecks, assess the scalability of applications, and ensure that web applications can handle expected loads during production. We offer easy start of setting via AWS.

Highlights of Gatling tool:

  • Simulation Scenarios. Gatling uses a domain-specific language DSL to define scenarios that simulate user behavior. These scenarios can include various types of interactions such as HTTP requests, web socket communication, and more. Asynchronous and Event-Driven. Gatling is designed to handle asynchronous and event driven applications efficiently. It can simulate realistic user behavior by modeling things like user think time and pacing between requests.
  • High Performance. Gatling is known for its high performance. It is built on the Akka toolkit and Scala programming language, which allows it to handle a large number of concurrent users with relatively low resource consumption.
  • Integration with CI CD. Gatling can be integrated into continuous integration and continuous deployment CI CD pipelines, allowing performance tests to be automated as part of the development and deployment process.

Hence, Gatling can help your organization to support challenges of performance testing and bring excellence in processes, for more information please review our page at Matoffo.


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